‘Gangsta Cat’ Desperately Seeks New Home: ‘I’m One Badass Mother F***er’

A gangsta cat who was saved from being put to sleep is now looking for a new home. Be warned: This funky feline freely admits he’s “one badass mother f***er.”

As hard sells go, the ferocious attitude on the gangster cat does not at first seem like an attractive proposition to all those potential cat owners out there. But this cat’s got character, and character goes a long way.

The gangsta cat’s real name is Oliver Julius, and although he’s had a troubled start in life, he’s got a heart of pure bling.

The gangsta cat nearly came to a sticky end in New York, where he was a whisker away from being put to sleep by an animal shelter, but big-hearted cat lover Rose Hilliard came to Oliver’s rescue and saved him from the vet’s needle.

The only problem is that Rose is unable to offer the gangsta cat a permanent abode and is only fostering the OG while she looks for someone to give Oliver a full-time roof over his head.

Yet with gangsters being all gangster and stuff, and cats being all cattish, it’s proven a bit difficult for Rose to find her little furry public enemy number one a home, because OJ, as he’s known on the street, has a tendency to hiss and frighten off any potential owners.

“I was very disheartened after adoption attempts went so badly.”

The Mirror reports that Rose finally hit upon a unique solution to sell Oliver: by posting signs around her neighborhood in Queens, advertising Oliver as the “Gangsta Cat” who is seeking a new home.

The advert warns any interested parties that if the gangsta cat is not cuddly enough for them, then to “move on son.”

“I may not look like it, but I am one badass mother f*****. I only accept petting when I feel like it. If you try to pet me when I’m not in the mood, I will hiss at a b***h. Because f*** you, I do what I want.

“You would too if you had it rough like me. My punk-ass family abandoned me outside in subzero degree weather in a cat carrier, and then the animal shelter that was supposed to find me a home sent me to death row.

“I was saved by a nice cat rescue and am now kicking it at my foster home. But no one will adopt me because whenever I meet new people and they pet me, I hiss at them. I’m also old as hell (9 years).

“In cat years that’s way too old for any of this b*******, so you’ll just have to understand why I’m a cranky old man. Not cuddly enough for you? Then move along, son.

“There must be someone in all of New York who will appreciate a badass (and okay, sometimes sweet) cat who does not give a f***.

“Call my foster mom Rose… if you want me to grace your couch with my little orange nut****. Peace.”