‘Scandal’ Spoilers: Jake’s Fate Is Revealed, Mellie’s Campaign Hits Some Bumps

Scandal fans are counting down until Thursday night’s episode airs, as everybody is dying to see just where things stand with Jake Ballard’s life. Did he really die after that attack by Russell? What Scandal spoilers are available for the April 23 episode?

This Season 4, Episode 20 show is titled “First Lady Sings the Blues.” As TV Guide notes, Mellie will be struggling with some image issues, and she needs all the help she can get. Cyrus will stick up for her, it seems, and a Scandal spoiler preview from ABC shows that Mellie, Fitz, Abby, and Elizabeth will be brainstorming how to deal with the issues at hand.

While Mellie’s campaign issues will surely be entertaining to watch, that’s not the storyline that will have everybody glued to their television sets. Is Jake Ballard really dead? E! Online shares a Scandal spoiler preview showing Thursday night’s opening scene.

Quinn shows up for what she thinks will be a regular day at the office. Given Russell’s attack on Jake at the Olivia Pope & Associates offices the night before, Quinn’s day takes a serious detour within moments. She doesn’t notice anything amiss at first, but once she walks into the conference room, that changes in a stunning way.

Naturally the preview cuts off before much happens. Obviously, however, things do not look good. It is hard to fathom that Ballard could have been laid out on a table with multiple stab wounds by himself for what surely was hours and not be dead.

However, as was previously reported by the Inquisitr, some Scandal spoilers indicate there may be room for hope. The ABC press site initially had photos seemingly showing Jake alive and semi-well, holed up in Olivia’s apartment, for this next episode. Those surely weren’t meant to be put up, and they were taken down by the next day.

Foley tweeted after the episode, posting, “So, there it is. Thank you Twitter for tonight and all of the Thursday nights. It’s such an honor. #Scandal.”

Some fans point out that while it could just be incidental, it may be interesting that Scott tweeted that it is an honor, not that is was or has been an honor, seemingly indicating he’s not done yet. Another tweet indicated that as of April 7, it seemed that Foley was still on the set filming. The show doesn’t seem to film too far ahead of air dates, but many also hope this is a sign that Jake is alive.

Thursday’s episode synopsis teases that “those taking down B613 get into a precarious situation and must go to great lengths to safeguard themselves.” Huck and Quinn’s search for B613 answers will carry over into the April 30 episode, and then the Season 4 finale airs on Thursday, May 7.

Guillermo Diaz, who plays Huck, stopped by Live With Kelly and Michael on Thursday morning. Of course, Diaz was asked about Jake’s fate, and he squirmed and said that he couldn’t say much. He did reference Jake’s stabbing, not death, and wouldn’t detail anything more than to say answers were coming in this episode.

Scott Foley has done no interviews about his character’s supposed death, an interesting contrast to Madeleine Stowe’s interviews after her character’s apparent death on fellow ABC show Revenge. In addition, show creator Shonda Rhimes also hasn’t said boo about killing off such a central character as Jake. Many suspect that the lack of interviews is another sign that Ballard still has some life left in him.

Fans should have answers fairly quickly Thursday night, at least to an extent, given that the Quinn and Jake scene is the episode opener. Is Jake dead on Scandal? If he’s not, can Olivia, Jake, Huck, Quinn, and David manage to take down B613? Tune into Scandal Thursday, April 23 to get at least some answers.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]