Kenya Moore Says Phaedra Parks Delaying Divorce From Apollo Nida Because Of Backlash Fear

The finale episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 put the focus on Phaedra Parks’ marriage to Apollo Nida. One scene showed Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter Thomas, getting a prison call from Apollo. Apollo complained about Phaedra not bringing their two sons, Ayden and Dylan, to the prison to see him.

In October of 2014, when the housewives were still filming the current season, Phaedra announced that she was planning to file for divorce. Yet Phaedra has yet to actually file the divorce papers.

What’s the holdup? As reported by OK! Magazine on Wednesday, one of Phaedra Parks’ co-stars, Kenya Moore, has a possible explanation. Kenya recently told the magazine that she believes Phaedra hasn’t actually filed for divorce from Apollo yet because she fears getting public backlash if she does.

“I think she feels like she might get some type of backlash if she files for divorce from Apollo so quickly. I just think that she always acts out of ‘What is the public going to think if I do this or if I say this?’ That’s probably why she hasn’t [filed for divorce]. The public’s opinion means more to her.”

According to an insider who spoke to the magazine, Phaedra admitted during the filming of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 reunion show, part one of which airs this coming Sunday, that neither she nor the boys have seen Apollo since he entered prison in September of 2014. The source added that it is now “not clear if [Phaedra] is actually going to file.” As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the reunion show filmed in late March.

In her latest blog post, posted on Wednesday, Phaedra Parks addressed the criticism that she has received over not bringing Ayden and Dylan to see Apollo Nida in prison. She did not, however, explain why she hasn’t filed for divorce or deny Kenya Moore’s accusation that she’s all about public perception.

“Despite the fact that I’m on a reality show, there are some things in my life that are off-limits. People who watch the show only get one slice of the entire Phaedra pie, and it’s unfair to make judgments about someone, or a situation, without having all the information. The one thing I will say is that every single decision I make is based on one thing: the well-being of my two boys. It’s easy for people to ask why she did that or why she isn’t doing this, but the simple truth is unless you are in that situation yourself, you really can’t make that judgment.”

[Photo by Ben Rose/Getty Images]