Apple iPad Pro Release Rumors

Is Apple’s iPad Pro slated for a September release? At least one tech-based website thinks so. It is not surprising that leaked information regarding the iPad Pro is beginning to come out. The news of the device attempts to take a bite out of the Microsoft Surface Pro series, which has begun running commercials touting the Surface Pro 3. Rumors regarding the potential release of the fourth generation of the series are beginning to gather some steam.

An International Business Times report has hinted at July being a possibility for the Surface Pro 4. It would be timed with the release of the Windows 10 operations system. If that were to happen, would Apple make an attempt at an all-out rush to get the iPad Pro out and inside the hands of its consumers?

Apple has consistently been in the spotlight lately. The Apple Watch officially arrived in stores with a buzz, albeit if only for the novelty of the device. It has experienced some mixed reviews at this point. Problems arise due to the burly wristwatch and expensive price tag.

Also consider the fact that Google released their Android Wear operating system first, about a year ago. It truly seems as if Apple is behind the times here. That is somewhat blasphemous to think about the technological giant in that way, but with the competition coming out of the gate swinging for the fences, one should expect a response from the champion several times over.

The Apple iPad Pro, along with the Apple Watch and the recent release of the new MacBook, will gather some steam, even if the reviews are not what many expect.

A September release of the iPad Pro will help tremendously.

If Microsoft does indeed release the Surface Pro 4 in July, that will give Apple a little bit of time to test out the iPad Pro by looking at the reviews of the competition and adjusting accordingly. There is no shame in testing out the Surface Pro in order to gauge its strengths and its weaknesses.

Apple is well known for its innovation. It is time to be innovative. That will require them to set the standards while not continuing to live off of their name.

One example of the innovative spirit is the 12.9 inch screen. That is the slated size of the iPad Pro. That is indeed a great start. As fans whet their appetites for what they are hoping to be a brilliant device, Apple will have to reward them for their patience.

In the meantime, Apple has enough quality devices to keep consumers comfortable until the unveiling of the iPad Pro becomes official and not just rumors. They will have to do something to reclaim their place as the top company in the technological development landscape.