Wii U 'Splatoon' Bundle Newest Attempt By Nintendo To Spur Interest In Console

The Wii U's newest attempt to become relevant lands on May 29 in the form of Splatoon and it's bringing a Best Buy exclusive bundle with it. Nintendo announced the new Wii U bundle on Tuesday for Best Buy and for those who don't have a Wii U console and are considering getting one, this appears to be a pretty good deal.

Splatoon for the Wii U tasks players as taking on the role of Inklings, who look like skater kids, but can transform into squid like creatures. The Inklings are then supposed to fight off the evil Octarians and basically cover their turf with all kinds of colorful ink. The Wii U game was first unveiled last year during E3 and has had some critics fairly excited.

The announcement that Splatoon will get its own Wii U bundle comes on the heels of the delay fo the most anticipated Wii U game in years in the form of the Legend of Zelda. Since that game was delayed, there has been more talk than ever before that Nintendo's next generation console might be on the road to abandonment. Splatoon is really the only big name title that will be coming to the device before the fall.

The Best Buy exclusive Splatoon Wii U bundle comes with the deluxe system, as well as a download code for Splatoon. Nintendo Land also comes along with the package, already preinstalled on the console. With an MSRP of just $299, this does appear to be a pretty good deal, especially for those who love the idea of a team deathmatch game that sports ink instead of blood. Splatoon is definitely geared more towards family entertainment than towards killing as many enemies in as many bloody ways as possible.

In addition to an offline solo mode, Splatoon also features a four-on-four online "Turf War" mode, "Battle Dojo," which will allow for local one-on-one battles with friends and a full-fledged "Ranked Battle" mode that is expected to be accessible shortly after Splatoon's launch. Splatoon will also come complete with Amiibo interaction and different characters will allow players to unlock special abilities as well as special game maps in multiplayer modes. There will also be the ability to get gear using the Splatoon Amiibos that isn't found anywhere else in the game. The deluxe Wii U bundle complete with Splatoon is coming exclusively to Best Buy on May 29.