One Direction Duped By Zayn Malik For A Whole Year? Planned Quitting

Has One Direction been played for the fool by Zayn Malik? Depressing news was revealed on April 22 that Zayn Malik had not been honest with his story on One Direction about quitting the band — but One Direction may have known all along.

Currently, rumors and speculations have been running amuck about One Direction — and some of this goes as far as to suggest that One Direction might have been banned from Zayn Malik’s wedding. Despite the fact that One Direction is in fact not banned from the wedding, what remains is this question of whether fans knew the full story behind Zayn’s break up with the band.

Of course, the break up with One Direction has been nasty for Zayn Malik in several ways — mainly because so much anger has been directed at him. For example, the situation with his new producer, Naughty Boy, has become so bad that fans of Zayn and One Direction are demanding that Twitter delete his account.

As it appears, new information has been released to the public that there was something fishy about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction after all — and fans may not like to hear this.

An insider came forward publicly near the end of April to spill the beans about the real story behind Zayn Malik quitting, and news has it that he had been planning to quit One Direction for almost a year.

The source of this information is JLS band member Oritse Williams, who is a close friend of Zayn Malik. Williams told the Mirror that Zayn Malik started thinking about leaving the band officially while in Las Vegas in September, 2014.

Furthermore, Williams claims that other One Direction members were in on Zayn’s idea to quit.

Williams stated, “Zayn spoke to me when we were together in Vegas last year. Niall did too. Zayn was talking to me in confidence. I told him he had a great run and to enjoy it.”

However, Williams did not share Zayn Malik’s confidence about leaving One Direction. Instead of supporting his idea to quit, it looks like he told him to count his blessings and try to stick it out.

Meanwhile, the fires continue to be fueled that One Direction is practically done as a band. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, One Direction has a deadline around May 1 that will mean the band signs up for another year of touring — or considers forgoing a contract to pursue solo careers.

The Sydney Morning Herald states the following about One Direction splitting into multiple directions if they do not accept the 2016 tour contract.

“In the end when you weigh up the ‘should I stay or should I go’ question, One Direction’s best direction is clear. One Direction will indeed quit – not because they are over it or because they hate each other – but because splitting so gives them the chance to get back together in five or six years time for astronomical fees.”

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