Jimmy Kimmel Proves He’s Team Pacquiao [VIDEO]

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel serenaded boxing legend Manny Pacquiao in last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Pacquiao is preparing for what many consider to be one of the most legendary matchups in boxing history as he gets ready to face Floyd Mayweather on May 2.

While boxing fans are apt to choose sides between boxers, talk show hosts generally try to remain neutral, but Jimmy Kimmel bucked that trend by first offering to sing Pacquiao’s walk out music at the match, and then begging to be in Manny’s entourage.

Kimmel nailed his rendition of Pacquiao’s walk out music, a song the Pac-Man himself recorded in his native language of Tagalog. Manny seemed a little surprised that the English-speaking Jimmy was able to get through it with ease, joining Kimmel on the chorus.

Following the impetuous Kimmel/Pacquiao duet, Kimmel then asked the boxer if he could be a part of his entourage. Displaying a picture featuring Mayweather being accompanied by Justin Bieber, Kimmel put on a matching Bieber hat and glasses telling Pacquiao, “Would you like to have me in the ring with you? I’ll sing. I’ll walk beside you. I’ll do whatever I have to. I’ll fight Justin Bieber, I don’t care what has to happen,” much to the amusement of the crowd and the fighter.

Jimmy Kimmel has been grabbing some big name guests and stories recently. Last week, Jimmy hosted the cast of the Avengers: Age of Ultron, a movie that is expected to break box office records. On Monday night, John Stamos sat down with Kimmel and divulged that the Full House cast would be reuniting for a rebooted version of the sitcom on Netflix called Fuller House sending 80s nostalgic fans into a tizzy.

In March, Kimmel had the pleasure of interviewing President Barack Obama as well as helping Van Halen launch not only their reunion but their first ever TV appearance.

Jimmy Kimmel Live has the misfortune of airing against late night juggernaut The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, however recent ratings suggest Kimmel‘s show is rising in the adults 18 to 49 age category and some episodes have knocked Fallon from number one for the evening.

Kimmel’s stellar guests and humorous segments such as “Mean Tweets” may make him a late night star on the rise. Perhaps Manny Pacquiao will consider that star quality worthy enough to let Jimmy be in his entourage May 2.

[Image courtesy of The Ring]