Japanese Woman Catches Boyfriend Cheating, Throws Boyfriend’s Apple Products In The Tub [Pics]

A large sum of Twitter users are praising a Japanese woman for drowning her cheating boyfriend’s Apple products in a bathtub filled with water. Apparently, she caught him with another woman, and in lieu of being mature by breaking up with him and moving on, she decided to get even.

The heartbroken woman dumped her boyfriend’s Apple products in the bathtub at her home, which consisted of the iPhone, iMac, iPad, and other expensive accessories. Afterward she took pictures of the ruthless act and without hesitation, she sent the pictures to her boyfriend’s phone.

When the unidentified man reached for his phone and viewed her message, he received the shock of his life. Two pictures were sent to him showing his entire Apple collection submerged under water in his girlfriend’s home – completely ruined, not even the rice trick could have saved his Apple collection.

His reaction after seeing his products drowned in the tub is unknown, but it’s evident he wasn’t too thrilled as he turned to Twitter for support by sharing the photos on his account, which has since gone viral. His tweet has been retweeted more than 15,000 times, and the reactions were shocking.

Although the tweet was written in Japanese, an Asian woman was kind enough to explain what was being said. After decoding the tweet, Twitter users responded as follows.

Most Twitter users are condoning his girlfriend’s actions, and saying “that’s what cheaters get” and “best revenge ever.”

Some of their responses appeared to be on the boyfriend’s side, though, but the mass majority of them were those that were huge fans of Apple products, and also aware of how expensive their iMacs, iPhones, iPad, and other accessories can be.

According to Apple, iMac computers start at $2,400, and the cheapest product they have starts at $899.

It appears that the unnamed man had an entire Apple collection, which he evidently spent an arm and a long for. If he didn’t purchase the Apple Care, – which is insurance for Apple’s products – he’d have to have to do some serious damage to his bank account in the near or far future.

Do you think the girlfriend went overboard by throwing her boyfriend’s apple products in a bathtub filled with water over infidelity? Share your thoughts.

[Images courtesy of Adam Matthew/Flickr]