Woman Pleads Guilty To Running Over Husband With SUV Because He Didn’t Vote For Romney During 2012 Presidential Election

Holly Nicole Solomon, 31, of Arizona pleaded guilty on Tuesday to running over her husband, which left him with a crushed pelvis and a torn artery, after an argument erupted when he didn’t vote for Mitt Romney, according to Daily Mail.

During the 2012 presidential re-election, Holly — who was six months pregnant at the time — told her 36-year-old husband, Daniel Solomon, that she wanted the two of them to vote for Romney because they would “face hardship” if Barrack Obama were to win.

Holly discovered while they were driving on the highway that her husband opted to vote for Barrack, and immediately became irate. While the Arizona couple argued, Daniel pulled over in a parking lot on Gilbert Road near Vaughn Avenue for unknown reasons. He got out of the vehicle, and that’s when Holly quickly hopped on the driver seat and began chasing him through the parking lot with the car.

Bystanders say Daniel was screaming as he ran towards light poles to hide, but that didn’t stop his wife. The short chase ended when she ran over her husband with her jeep, according to USA Today.

Daniel was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors said he was in critical condition, suffering from a crushed pelvis and a torn artery.

Holly was arrested shortly after the incident and charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.

During police interrogation, Holly told investigators that she didn’t intentionally try to run over her husband. She wanted to scare him by driving as close to him as possible, but when she tried to press on the breaks, she mistakenly hit the accelerator instead and struck her husband.

Holly also told investigators that the argument occurred because she feared if Obama won, their financial struggles would worsen. However, Daniel claims that her statement is untrue, and the argument commenced due to her hatred towards Obama.

In 2012, she was offered a plea deal but decided not to take it. Had she taken the plea deal, her lawyer stated that she could have received a sentence between 2 to 9 years in prison.

Holly – who initially pleaded not guilty to the crime – changed her plea and pleaded guilty on Tuesday to aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.

Holly will appear in Maricopa County Superior Court and will be sentenced by Judge Joseph Kreamer on May 21.

If Holly Nicole Solomon is convicted of running over her husband with her jeep, she will be facing up to 15 years in prison followed by probation upon her release.

[Image courtesy of Eric E. Johnson/Flickr]