Tisdale’s ‘Land Of Rape And Honey’ Slogan To Be Reconsidered After 55 Years

The Canadian town of Tisdale has set in motion the steps to change its 55-year-old town slogan of, “Land Of Rape And Honey,” to avoid people interpreting it incorrectly.

Tisdale’s slogan is named after the town rapeseed crop, which is a mustard-like plant that populates the fields for hundreds of miles around the town in every direction. This is something Tisdale’s inhabitants are resolutely proud of. The small town of 3,200 people is located on the Saskatchewan prairie, and they proudly boast that it is the rape capital of the world.

In fact, since 1960, Tisdale has been populated with welcome signs that label the hamlet town as the “Land Of Rape And Honey”. As you can imagine, visitors to Tisdale are usually rather perturbed when they come across these signs, but despite how they can be interpreted, the town’s inhabitants are adamant that they want them to be kept the same and are “quite passionate” about it.

Town official Sean Wallace, via the Guardian, has spoken about the debate over the sign, explaining, “From what I understand a lot of people feel there’s a tradition involved in that. That’s something I can’t fault.”

And rather than worrying about people taking the slogan in the wrong light, Wallace stated that residents believe people should be educated about what rapeseed is.

“There’s some residents who feel I should be educating people about what rapeseed is, and there’s some people who feel I should look at rebranding because it’s no longer called rapeseed anymore. It’s called canola,” Wallace remarked.

However pressure is now being put on Tisdale to alter its slogan because of the hoard of embarrassment that has befallen the town over the wording.

Various visitors to Tisdale have previously gone out of their way to take pictures of the signs that read, “Land Of Rape And Honey.”

A survey has now been launched to see if citizens will allow the slogan to be changed. And just to make sure that the town’s people are resolutely aware of where the problem lies, the survey uses capital letters to write, “Is it time for a change? the Land of RAPE and Honey.”

The town will learn in July if the decision has been made to alter the slogan, which isn’t as pertinent anymore since the production of rapeseed has declined rapidly in recent years.

[Image via Chris D]