Unidentified Alien-Like Creature Filmed In China, Chewing Its Way Out Of Steel Cage

A mysterious and unidentified creature has reportedly been found in a Chinese bay, and video of the alien-like animal has begun circulating online, prompting fierce debate over what it truly is.

Video of the hairless creature was uploaded to YouTube last week by Raymond Yeung, according to the Daily Mail, and the description for the clip claims that the animal was captured in the Shenzhen Reservoir in China’s Sand Bay. The unidentified creature was reportedly discovered swimming in the reservoir, before workers from the Department of Drainage captured it, holding the animal in a steel cage.

The chilling clip depicts the strange creature attempting to bite and claw its way out of the cage, ripping apart the flimsy bars. As the Mirror notes, the footage ends before it becomes apparent whether or not the animal was able to break out, yet internet users haven’t be stymied in their debate over the true nature of the creature.

Chinese social media site WeiBo has seen heated debates about the identity of the unknown creature, with some locals asserting that it represents a fabled “water monster” from Chinese folklore. Others have claimed that the creature is nothing more than a Malaysian bear suffering from alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss in those afflicted. Still others noted that the Shenzhen Reservoir had recently been turned red by a deluge of toxic sewage, and wondered whether that event could have had an impact on the unidentified creature.

Last year, another mysterious and unidentified creature washed ashore in California following a round of powerful storms. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the carcass was found on a beach in Santa Barbara, startling local residents who were unable to determine what the animal truly was. Some observers speculated that the mysterious creature was a bear or a pig, while others offered far less likely explanations for its provenance.

The director of Animals Asia, David Neal, asserted that the caged creature resembled a bear cub which had lost its fur due to a medical condition. Earlier this year, video of an afflicted cub in the jungles of Borneo island went viral online, depicting local workers driving the animal into the bush. While Neal couldn’t confirm that the unidentified creature in Yeung’s video was the same bear cub, he postulated that the clip may actually originate from Borneo.

[Image: Raymond Yeung via YouTube]