Paparazzo Steps On Kim Kardashian’s Dress Just To Get Photo Op At ‘Time 100’ Gala

Paparazzi got Kim Kardashian’s attention in a very rude way while at the Time 100 Gala. Though unpleasant, the photo op produced a possibly intended reaction.

If you didn’t know, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were nominees for the Time 100’s Most Influential People of 2014. During the gala, Kim posed for pictures with West.

Kardashian and Kanye posed for several photos while along the carpet. As you may know, Kim doesn’t mind being in front of the camera for a good photo op. However, one Kardashian picture stood out beyond the rest.

Paparazzi Steps On Kim Kardashian's Dress Just To Get Photo Op III
Credits: Larry Busacca | Getty Images Entertainment

Via Instagram, Kim posted an image of a paparazzi personnel stepping on her dress attire. She labeled the post, “Rude.” In Kardashian’s photo, the look she gave the personnel clearly stated something along the lines of, “Seriously??” Even Kim’s mouth was open in seeming disbelief.

Sometime during the Time 100 Gala, Daily Mail reports that Kardashian had an interview with Matt Lauer. During her talk time, Kim spoke about her past love life and the first time she fell in love. Kardashian mentioned that it was a hard lesson learned.

Afterwards, Kim and Kanye kept the party energy flowing. Daily Mail also states as follows.

“Kanye was one of five people singled out to be on the cover of the magazine with Bradley Cooper, Misty Copeland, Jorge Ramos and Ruth Bader Ginsburg also featuring.”

Paparazzi Steps On Kim Kardashian's Dress Just To Get Photo Op - Afterwards
Credits: Larry Busacca | Getty Images Entertainment

Other than having her dress stomped, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appeared to have a great night. Everyone praised West’s performance, claiming that it was simply “incredible,” says Supermodel Karlie Kloss, according to Time. From the same source, even Kristen Anderson-Lopez — a songwriter for Frozen — had positive acclaims about Kardashian’s husband and his performance, as follows.

“He was great! We write very different kinds of music, but I can respect the truth of what he’s saying.”

This was after he performed “Gold Digger,” one of Kanye’s earlier songs from years ago. All in all, it seemed to be a great night for Kim and Kanye, aside from Kardashian having her dress stomped.

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