Regator now supports OPML, personal feeds + extra invites

Directory 2.0 service Regator has moved towards becoming a RSS reader with support for OPML importing and the ability to add individual feeds.

The challenge for the Regator team was to offer an RSS reading service without compromising the site as a destination for high-quality, hand-selected blog content. The compromise: Regator users can now upload OPML files and add individual blogs to view on their personalized My Regator page, along with their favorite Regator blogs. However, blogs uploaded will only be visible to the user who added them, and not shared across Regator, well at least not automatically. Each blog added is automatically nominated for inclusion in Regator’s main database, but are added and categorized for all users to see only if Regator’s editors determine that they have frequently updated, relevant, original, well-written content.

Also new to Regator is the ability to share posts via Facebook, Twitter, and email, with sharing on other sites to be added on demand. Regator is also looking to offer users a unique URL where they can share posts with friends in the near future.

It’s an interesting compromise, and one that in practice works well. Single focused services have a difficult time becoming sticky at a time of hyper-competition in the space. By becoming both a recommendations service and RSS Reader, Regator becomes more appealing as a destination people will regularly want to use.

The service is set to launch August 6, but if you want in now, we have 50 invites for Inquisitr readers. Visit Regator and enter the code inquisitr to give Regator a shot. Our previous Regator coverage here.