Guy’s Apple Products Get Dumped In The Bath After He’s Caught Cheating

One unlucky boyfriend is probably regretting cheating on his girlfriend right about now — especially after she took every single one of his expensive Apple products and dumped them in a bathtub full of water.

According to the Mirror, a Twitter user who goes by the name @foolishnessfly2 realized her boyfriend had been secretly seeing another woman behind her back. Instead of confronting him about it, @foolishnessfly2 decided to get revenge in a way that would make most technophiles cringe.

She shared a photo on her Twitter page of the carnage. An iMac, an iPad, several iPhones, two MacBooks, and more, all drowned in soapy bath water. The Apple products would have added up to several thousand dollars in total, being some of the most high-end tech products available on the market. And the photo makes it very clear that there’s no chance that a single one of the Apple products survived the bath of vengeance.

According to Complex, breaking her boyfriend’s Apple products wasn’t enough for @foolishnessfly2. She also decided to publicly shame her cheating partner. The jilted Japanese girlfriend shared the photos of the ruined Apple products all over social media, and is getting lots of positive feedback for it. Her post has been retweeted more than 16,000 times and favorited 10,000 times.

You can see the vengeful tweet below.

While few will deny that the boyfriend deserved some kind of punishment, many are arguing that @foolishnessfly2 took her payback a little too far by ruining thousands of dollars worth of Apple products.

The post is already making its rounds on Facebook and spawning many discussions about the morality of the Apple product massacre. One Facebook user reminded those who supported the act that the boyfriend could have had irreplaceable sentimental documents or files saved on the hard drives of all his devices, and now he’ll be unable to recover them.

Another user commented noting that the girl will almost certainly have to pay for the Apple products she destroyed if her boyfriend seeks legal action, which could mean replacing upwards of $10,000 worth of technology.

What do you think about the Apple products bath? Do cheaters deserve to have their Apple products broken beyond repair?

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