Amy Schumer Rape Sketch: See The Controversial Parody Of ‘Friday Night Lights’ From ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

The skit was included in an all-around controversial episode of Inside Amy Schumer, one that also included topics like birth control and booty worship.

But the most controversial sketch of all was a parody of Friday Night Lights called Football Town Nights, one that takes on some recent school rape scandals. In the Amy Schumer rape skit, Charles plays the Coach, who has to inform the players that they can no longer rape. This causes the players to voice their displeasure and argue with their coach.

The players also try to bargain with their coach, seeing if he can make an exception to the “no rape” rule.

“What if it’s Halloween?” one player asks.

“What if she thinks it’s rape, but I don’t?” another asks.

The skit takes on some high-profile events ripped from the headlines. It has undertones of the Steubenville High School rape case, in which a group of football players were accused of repeatedly and publicly sexually assaulting a girl, then sharing pictures and video of it on social media.

At the time there were allegations that the students accused of rape, both of whom are members of the town’s popular football team, were protected by coaches and administrators.

Two students ended up being convicted in juvenile court for raping a minor, and three other adults were indicted for obstructing the investigation.

Amy Schumer said her rape sketch was supposed to be both funny and to send a message.

“You can maybe look at that scene and think we’re making light of something serious, but we really are trying to educate, but that’s not always clear,” Schumer said at panel at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday.

“Our hope is that people will laugh at that,” Schumer said. “They’ll think it’s funny and that maybe they’ll think, ‘Oh no, I can’t — I shouldn’t film it.’ Maybe something will get in there and actually help the culture. […] First of all, rape is good fodder for comedy because it’s the worst thing in the whole world. So it’s this untouchable.”

The Amy Schumer rape skit was not the first time the comedian tackled the heavy topic of rape in her show Inside Amy Schumer. Last season the show had a video game sketch about rape in the military.

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