Derek Hough Releases Statement, Reveals He Injured Both Of His Feet [Photo]

Derek Hough has released a statement following an injury that could end this Dancing With The Stars season for him. On Wednesday afternoon, Hough took to Instagram to let his fans know a little bit about what happened to him. The photo that accompanied his statement shows that he injured both of his feet.

Derek Hough injured
Derek Hough [Instagram]

“Performing 10 shows a week at Radio City while rehearsing with Nastia for ‘DWTS,’ I’ve never felt more healthy, strong, and fit. But then a fluke accident happened that involved a light and some stairs. Can’t believe it, wish I had a cooler story to tell. All that dancing, flipping, jumping, and the thing that stops me in my tracks is something as simple as a light and some stairs. I’m doing everything I possibly can to have a quick recovery and I’m determined to come back stronger than ever. I appreciate all the love and support, you guys are the best. And thank you to Mark, BC Jean and Corky Ballas for staying with me at the hospital until 2am. Love you. This is new territory for me, I’m usually able to work through injury but this one has literally floored me. But like I said before I’m determined to come back all guns blazing… soon.”

According to Us Weekly, Derek is mobile. He was spotted leaving brunch with the help of a crutch, which is a good sign. However, both of his feet looked like they were in rough shape. He had an air cast on one foot, and a boot on the other.

His rep has confirmed what happened to him.

“Derek Hough suffered injuries to his right foot and left ankle. He has been diagnosed with a broken toe on his right foot and sprains to his left ankle on both the inside and outside aspects and a bone bruise on the same ankle. Derek will remain in Los Angeles this week to rehab his injuries.”

Derek Hough has not revealed his DWTS fate. He has, however, been forced to take a leave from his show in New York City, which he announced yesterday. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, The Rockettes confirmed that Taylor Frey would be replacing Hough in the Spring Spectacular for the time being. Derek did not say how long he will be out of the show, which runs through May.

The dancer says he is determined to rehab as quickly as he possibly can.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]