Who Killed La Flaca? Female Mexican Assassin Found Dismembered

Chelsea Hoffman

A notorious female Mexican assassin is dead in a horrific act of drug cartel related violence. Known as "La Flaca" or "La Flaquita," Joselyn Alejandra Niño had become a well known assassin, not only because she was a female, but because of her appearance as a "skinny girl." Fox News reports that her dismembered body parts were found stuffed into a blue ice cooler, and the photos exist as evidence of the macabre event. So who killed this female assassin, and why?

According to Borderland Beat, Joselyn was a sicaria (hitwoman) for a gang known as Los Ciclones. Los Ciclones has been feuding with rival gang Los Metros. These are both, by the way, CDG factions. In the Mexican region of northern Tamaulipas, cartel violence is at an apparent all-time-high, and the violent murder of La Flaca, along with another female and a male, comes as a disturbing reminder of the growing problem.

Someone referred to only as "65" has taken responsibility for the slaying of the female assassin and her two gang member affiliates. He is who reportedly released the photos of the event -- one immediately after killing them, and the other after dismembering them. La Flaca's unique name tattoo can be visibly seen in both photos, proving that the notorious "Skinny Girl" had been killed. Those photos are circulating online, to the horror of many.

La Flaquita isn't the only notorious female cartel member to make media headlines. A woman by the name of Claudia Ochoa Felix -- aka Mexico's Kim Kardashian -- is said to be the deadliest woman in the world. The Mirror reported last year that the voluptuous mother of three is the rumored "chief" of the deadly gang known as Los Antrax. Numerous pictures of the woman exist online that seem to confirm her gang affiliation. Some of those photos show her handling weapons with the gang symbols engraved on them, and others show her posing with massive amounts of money. If she is the leader of a violent and globally feared drug cartel, she is certainly not bashful about showing off the fruits of her "labors." She has, however, somewhat denied being a gang leader, even if the photos show otherwise.

The horrific slaying of La Flaca is only the latest in drug cartel violence near the Mexican-American border. The level of violence has caused the U.S. government to issue warnings against traveling to certain areas -- such as Tamaulipas, where this horrific dismemberment is said to have taken place.

[Photo: Borderland Beat]