This Couple Is The ‘Picture Of True Love’: Wife Cares For Blind Husband For 30 Years Despite Her Own Plight

When 76-year-old Wei Guiyi married her husband 80-year-old Huang Funeng some 55 years ago, she vowed to love him through sickness and health. However, there is no way at that time that Funeng could have known how deeply his wife’s devotion would run until he lost his sight to a degenerative disease 30 years ago. Ever since the man became blind, he has relied on his wife to guide him throughout the city. Wei has led her husband without complaint for the past 30 years despite her own fight with osteoporosis, which has left her with a severe hunchback. The image of the tiny hunchbacked woman leading her blind husband by bamboo cane has touched the hearts of all those who witnessed it. Many in the community call the couple the “picture of true love.”

The Daily Mail reports that the couple was married 55 years ago but were unable to have children. Therefore, when Funeng lost his eyesight 30 years ago, he relied heavily on his wife for care and guidance. The couple devised a unique way of going places together in which Wei guides her husband with a bamboo stick through the crowd. Wei is her husband’s eyes as he makes his way into town. However, Wei is not without medical issue of her own.

The tiny woman suffers from a severe case of osteoporosis, which left her with a severe hunchback. The woman’s face is now pointed down to the ground, but it hasn’t stopped her from ensuring her husband is not lead off his path. The tiny hunchbacked woman can still be seen leading her blind husband through the crowds in Donglan County in the Guangxi province.

Not only does the tiny woman ensure her husband makes it through the town safely. She also takes the time to describe in detail everything she sees during their daily walks and takes care of all the essential errands.

Picture of True Love
This couple has been called the "Picture of True Love" by those who witness their devotion to one another.

Those who witness the woman’s plight note that she never complains about her responsibility, but instead says she will always be by her husband’s side and is very content with her life, adding that she may be Funeng’s “eyes” but that her husband is her “everything.”

“We are very happy and have a contented life. We will always be by each other’s side. I am his eyes and he is my everything.

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[Image Credit: CEN]