LG G4 Release Date, Official Launch Event, And Leaked LG G4 Photos

The LG G4 release date is said to be slated for May 31 this year, according to Ubergizmo. LG will likely announce the newest iteration of its flagship smartphone officially at an upcoming LG event, which Ubergizmo previously reported.

The event is slated to take place in multiple cities worldwide on April 28.

Ubergizmo notes that it is unknown whether the May 31 release date will see the LG G4 go to South Korea only, or if it will be released internationally and include the United States.

However, what once was a rumor based on many educated guesses and the experience of a number of tech gurus is now practically confirmed information.

Line of LG G4 Leaked Photos

The LG official flagship phone announcement is coming April 28, and the release of the LG G4 itself on May 31.

Since the “information comes straight from LG South Korea’s website,” according to Ubergizmo, it is highly likely that the Korean market will see the LG G4 first – well before it makes its way into other markets including the United States.

The original LG press release translated from Korean into (imperfect) English implies that G4 pre-orders will begin May 31, and that the LG G4 will arrive in “21 days” and will be “sold through three major domestic mobile communications.”

This information seems to confirm Ubergizmo’s thoughts that the LG flagship device will likely see a Korean release only.

The potential issue for fans is that if LG releases the G4 in South Korea first, then it is likely that the United States may not see the device until another few months after that date, which would peg a potential U.S. release date at June 31 at the earliest, and probably much later.


According to 9to5Mac, LG sent out official invitations at the end of March so the press could prepare for the April 28 event. The invitations contained the tagline, “See the great, feel the great.”

The event invitations were similar to those received for last year’s LG event, according to 9to5Mac, during which LG announced the LG G3 smartphone, which is LG’s current flagship model.

LG G4 Rose in Bloom Leaked Photo

This year’s LG event will take place in multiple cities and countries around the world at the same time including Istanbul, London, New York, Paris, Seoul, and Singapore.

Although with the release date still over a month away, LG G4 photos, features and specifications have been leaked online – quite liberally, and for quite some time now.

The LG G4 leaks that accumulated over the months left the release date as the one last bit of information for which LG fans have been waiting.

According to Phone Arena, the leaked LG G4 photos came with leaked specs that included dimensions for the phone. These leaked specifications imply LG G4 will sport a 5.6 inch (possibly curved) Quad HD screen.

The leaked specs also note that the phone would likely be using the Snapdragon 808 CPU, though other rumors say it will use the 810, which Phone Arena notes has a habit of overheating.

More importantly, Phone Arena expects the LG G4 to be less expensive than the Samsung rival Galaxy smartphones at $550 off contract or $100 on contract.

Despite the leaked photos giving away many of the device’s features, those wishing to purchase the phone should consider that some or all of the specifications are still highly speculative and could change at any time before the official LG G4 release date.

[Photo Credit: LG Mobile Global, Phone Arena]