‘Clash Of Clans’ Update: Village Name Changes Coming To ‘Clash Of Clans’ From Supercell

Clash of Clans update time is just about here again. This latest Clash of Clans update is going to feature something that game players have been asking about for quite some time. As relayed by GameNGuide.com on Tuesday (April 21), it will be a major part of the next product upgrade by Supercell. The game continues to be extremely successful for Supercell, and this is just another indication that gamers are still getting a lot of enjoyment out of it.

The way that Clash of Clans is set up, users create a name for their account when first signing up to play the game. That user name then becomes the name of their respective village. Supercell never set it up so that users could change the name of their village, possibly to either keep it easy to control, or because it would become a Clash of Clans update at a later time. Either way, it looks like the near future will hold some interesting changes in the game. GameNGuide wrote about how that process typically went.

“Very often, at least with our main base, we all went into Clash of Clans without a main support structure or on a lark. Oftentimes, we got hooked and joined a clan and now that clan is a disparate amalgamation of city-states, more United Nations than main Clan. We all have a flag, for sure, but wouldn’t it be nice to rename your village to something imposing and unifying? Name everything after the Greek states of old, or your favorite Kurt Russell movies. Anything.”

Though this may seem like a small maneuver to anyone that doesn’t play the game, it could be a really big deal for users. This includes those people that created a user name they felt was humorous or clever to start out with, but which they now regret being their only moniker on the game. The people at Supercell also put out a quick press release about the coming Clash of Clans update as a way to verify the announcement and spark further interest.

“We’ve heard you — we’ve heard you loud and clear. All Clashers want a village with the best possible name, and so many of you have written in to ask for a chance to change the name of it.

So, that’s why we’re currently working on a feature that will let you (yes, you!) change your village’s name in-game, in case you’re unhappy with your current username and would like a new handle.

The feature will be included in a forthcoming update as soon as everything is ready. Just hang in there a little bit longer.”

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, this isn’t the first move to create buzz for the game. A Liam Neeson Super Bowl commercial (seen above) also sparked more interest in Clash of Clans. There is no specific date of release for this Clash of Clans update, but it will likely take place during the middle of the night (soon). Gamers might get very little warning, but it is also likely that Supercell adds a few more things to this update to make it even more exciting.

[Image Source: Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images]