Robin Williams’ Final Film: Actor Plays Depressed, Lonely Man In Final Film ‘Boulevard’

Robin Williams’ final film is set to be released later this summer, with the late actor playing a lonely married man who makes a desperate attempt to fill his empty life.

This week, Starz Digital acquired the U.S. rights to Williams’ final film, Boulevard. Williams joined the project in January 2013, and died in August 2014.

In the movie, Robin Williams plays a man who is trying to fill his empty life when he picks up a young male hustler, played by Roberto Aguire.

The movie, directed by Dito Montiel, will be released initially in New York and other select markets.

Boulevard is a complex, life-affirming and surprising film, and Robin’s final performance is absolutely remarkable,” said Kevin Kasha, head of acquisitions for Starz. “We are honored to be able to share Dito’s beautiful film with audiences this summer.”

Other involved in the film’s production say Boulevard will capture Williams at his best.

“We are very excited about partnering with Starz Digital to get this beautiful movie out there,” said producer Monica Aguirre Diez Barroso of Camellia Entertainment. “Through Boulevard, Dito was able to capture Robin Williams at his best, and we couldn’t believe more in the team helping us share this piece of his legacy with audiences.”

Williams took his life last July after what those close to him said was a spiraling descent into depression. Those close to Williams said he was starting to lose his battle with the demons that plagued him for decades.

“He started to disconnect,” said comedian Rick Overton, a friend of Williams’ since the 1970’s. “He wasn’t returning calls as much. He would send texts and things like that, but they would get shorter and shorter.”

Other friends said they noticed a marked change in his demeanor in the weeks and months before his death.

“You could just tell something was off,” Steven Pearl, a comedian and also one of Williams’ longtime friends, said. “He seemed detached. It’s hard to explain. He didn’t seem like his usual self. My fiancee and I were like, ‘Is he OK?’ I didn’t know it would get this dark.”

While Boulevard will be Robin Williams’ final film, he does have one other project yet to be completed. Williams lent his voice to the character Dennis in the upcoming movie Absolutely Anything, which is currently in post-production. The movie is about a group of aliens who as an experiment pick a human being to be given the power to do anything.

Robin Williams’ final film will be released on July 16.

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