Coco Arquette Wants To Plan Courteney Cox And Johnny McDaid’s Wedding After Singing At Father’s Ceremony

Coco Arquette has already excelled at being a wedding singer, so now she’s ready to move on to being a wedding planner.

During a recent interview with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, Courteney Cox revealed that 10-year-old Coco Arquette is super-excited about her mother’s upcoming wedding. According to Us Weekly, Coco is even willing to help Courteney and fiance Johnny McDaid save a ton of money by planning the entire ceremony all by herself.

“Coco is very excited about the wedding. I was going to hire a wedding planner, but apparently she wants to do it. She’s 10, but she wants to do everything.”

Coco Arquette doesn’t just want to plan the wedding — according to Courteney Cox, she also wants to be a maid of honor, flower girl, and “all the bridesmaids.”

Coco Arquette, Courteney Cox, and Johnny McDaid attend the Hollywood premiere of 'Just Before I Go'

If Coco wants to be her mom’s hairstylist, she might have a little competition. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jennifer Aniston has confessed that she’s obsessed with messing with Courteney’s raven mane. Coco might also have to beat out Ed Sheeran if she wants to be Johnny McDaid’s best man — Sheeran is responsible for introducing Cox and McDaid, so he definitely deserves that honor.

Courteney didn’t tell Ellen DeGeneres just how involved Coco will actually be with the wedding planning and the ceremony, but Us reports that she might get hired as Courteney and Johnny’s wedding singer. According to her proud mama, Coco Arquette already belted out two tunes at the April 12 wedding of dad David Arquette and entertainment reporter Christina McLarty. According to Court, one of the songs Coco chose for their ceremony was the challenging Whitney Houston ballad “I Will Always Love You.”

Coco might actually get the chance to sing at two more weddings. There are rumors that Courteney Cox and Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid are planning two different ceremonies to make it easier to celebrate with all their friends and family. One of the weddings will take place in Johnny’s hometown of Londonderry, Northern Ireland, and the other will be held in Los Angeles.

During a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Courteney revealed one of the biggest challenges Johnny has faced making the move from Northern Ireland to America: having his heavy accent mocked by his fiancee and her family. Courteney shared the video below that shows different members of her family trying to say “how now brown cow” in a Northern Irish accent. Coco Arquette makes an appearance near the end of the clip.

Many kids have a difficult time seeing their parents move on with other people, so it’s great that Coco Arquette is taking part in these weddings and getting excited about them. It probably helps that Courteney and David seem to be on good terms — according to Just Jared, David Arquette and Christina McLarty even attended the Hollywood premiere of Courteney Cox’s directorial debut, Just Before I Go. Coco was also there, and she spent time with both of her parents.

Do you think Courteney and David are doing a good job co-parenting Coco Arquette?

[Image credits: David Buchan/Getty]