WWE News: Huge Update On Daniel Bryan — How Much Time Could He Miss? Is His ‘Extreme Rules’ Match Still On?

The wrestling fans of the world were thrilled when Daniel Bryan returned from an injury that many thought may have ended his career. Now, he’s come back and was looking better than ever, but the injury bug has bitten him yet again. Reports are coming out detailing just how long he may be out of action and if his match against Bad News Barrett at Extreme Rules is still on.

Daniel Bryan was sent home from WWE’s European tour due to what was being called a concussion, per WrestleZone. Originally, WWE said that he was being sent home as a “precautionary measure” and denied any reports that Bryan suffered a concussion.

WWE also posted a message saying that he would be undergoing diagnostic testing to determine his status and see if the match at Extreme Rules was still on.

“Daniel Bryan rose above six other Superstars to capture his first Intercontinental Championship in a Ladder Match at WrestleMania. However, if the ever-popular ‘Yes!’ Man hopes to hold onto the title, he’ll have to get past the Superstar who lost the championship that day, Bad News Barrett, at Extreme Rules. Bryan is undergoing diagnostic testing to see if he can defend his title at Extreme Rules.”

There has been no official word on how serious Daniel Bryan’s injuries may be, or even what they really are. The Intercontinental champion is actually being reported to be out of action for about four weeks, per PW Insider.

Daniel Bryan’s injury was first said to have happened at a WWE Live event in Dublin, Ireland, back on April 9. That was when WWE officials were said to expect him out for about a month, and that was a mere two weeks ago.

WWE Extreme Rules IC Title daniel bryan

Extreme Rules is this Sunday, and by that point, Bryan would only be out of action for less than two and a half weeks.

If Bryan cannot wrestle this Sunday, there are a few things that WWE may or could do.

  • Strip Daniel Bryan of the Intercontinental Title and award it to Bad News Barrett
  • Come up with a story where Barrett needs to prove his rematch clause worth and have him wrestle someone else for the right to face Bryan
  • Postpone the match and come up with some story

For now, the match is still on per WWE, and an official word won’t likely come until this weekend.

There’s no telling what WWE will do at Extreme Rules or even how serious the injury (whatever it is) to Daniel Bryan is. His neck injury last year made many think it was “career threatening,” but he came back. A new injury like this may have Bryan and WWE rethinking just how much he can take before it is too late.

[Image via WWE]