‘Chicago Fire’ Finale Spoilers: The Impact Of Mills’ Exit And What’s Next For 51

Chicago Fire said goodbye to another one of their own last night, and that departure will have an impact, as Chicago Fire Season 3 gets closer to its finale. Matt Olmstead, an executive producer on the series, spoke with both TV Guide and TV Line about the exit of Peter Mills and the rest of the season.

Mills had it made at the start of last night’s episode. He was back on squad, but he soon realized that he wanted to be somewhere else. As his family planned to move to North Carolina to take over his dad’s restaurant, he decided that he would rather be with his real family instead of his work family.

Olmstead revealed to TV Line that Mills’ exit was purely based on storyline. There were no problems on set, and Charlie Barnett did not ask to exit the show. The cast did take the news very hard though. That hug in the final moments of the episode was unscripted. The cast did it all on their own.

Fans will see a new paramedic join Brett at the start of the next episode, and it will be another female. Brett will not have an easy time losing her partner though. That impact will play out over the next few episodes, but Olmstead revealed to TV Guide that her new partner would be great.

As for the kiss between Mills and Dawson as he exited the party, it will be something that Dawson will keep to herself. She was surprised by the kiss, but she has moved on. Mills clearly hasn’t. Someone will fill his empty squad spot, and the identity of that person will be revealed by the end of the season.

On the next episode, a previous Inquisitr report teased that a new showdown between Casey and Voight is coming. The pair never resolved their issues. Olmstead teased a bit about the season finale. Casey and Voight will be a part of the episode.

“It’s pretty great because Voight appeared in the third episode of the first season of Fire and went nuts and they were mortal enemies. We’ve had other [characters] cross and bury the hatchet, but we’ve never had Casey with him intentionally. [Voight] has rehabilitated himself and apologized for what happened, but for Casey, the lengths that Voight went to get Casey to come off of saying his son was drunk when he crashed that car was unforgivable.”

Olmstead did tease another finale spoiler that will ease fan worry over another departure. No one will die at the end of the season on Chicago P.D. or Chicago Fire.

What do you think of Mills’ exit from Chicago Fire? Were you shocked that he decided to leave?