‘Star Trek Beyond’ Revealed As Likely Title For Next ‘Trek’ Movie

The title of the next Star Trek film may have been revealed as Star Trek Beyond, according to one website that alleges the name has been registered with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Fan site Trek Movie claims that it has been revealed to them on “good authority” that the title of the next film, the 13th overall in the series and the third since director J.J. Abrams rebooted the franchise, will be Star Trek Beyond. As evidence, they allege that the title has been registered with the MPAA, a necessary step in the production of any major film. Though they allow that the title could be a diversion on the part of Bad Robot, they point to the timeline of production on the next Star Trek film to assert that the name is likely genuine.

“It is possible, given Bad Robot’s history of secrecy and pretense, that this is merely a decoy name registered to stir up conjecture amongst the media and fans. But, the official title will need to be registered with the MPAA before the film’s release, and given the timeline, it seems likely that such a decision would be made now.”

The title has already spurred discussion among fans who have speculated that the Beyond moniker may allude to the idea that the next Star Trek film will take place during the Enterprise’s five-year-mission in deep space, as the Inquisitr has previously reported. Actor Simon Pegg, who co-wrote the script, alluded to differences with previous Star Trek films while speaking to MTV, as Comicbook notes.

“I mean, this is the five-year mission now, we’re out there,” he said. “We don’t always have to keep bumping into the same people… So we’re gonna try and reflect that in the movie.”

While being interviewed by the Guardian, Pegg revealed that the next Star Trek would hew closer to the ethos of the original TV series in keeping with its place as the franchise’s 50th anniversary film.

“It’s a story about frontierism and adventure and optimism and fun, and that’s where we want to take it, you know. Where no man has gone before – where no one has gone before, sensibly corrected for a slighter more enlightened generation. But yeah, that’s the mood at the moment.”

Whether or not Star Trek Beyond proves to be the authentic title, the studio hopes to have the movie in theaters in July 2016.

[Image via Mundohistoria.org]