WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Batista Talks Return To WWE, Claims Writers ‘Are Not That Great’

Former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista is getting some serious attention these days away from WWE. We all knew the monster character in WWE known as Batista who was able to give us some memorable moments in his time with the company. He may not have been the most skilled performer in the ring, but fans loved him and he sold a lot of main events in the past for many people.

Sadly, he did not get the return he wanted last year. He returned for around 6 months to have a WrestleMania run where he was supposed to exit for press due to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy film that he played a big role in as Drax The Destroyer. However, he not only left a bit early but he never came back. The original plan was to have him return that fall, but it never came to fruition.

On top of this, he managed to get a new role in the next James Bond film known as Spectre. There he plays the main villain and could, for the first time, be known as a legit actor. Batista spoke before about facial recognition, telling people that he still does not have that as much because in Guardians he wears tons of make-up to play his character. With the new Bond film, it’s just him. So this could be a big role for Batista even over Guardians.

However, despite all of this, people still want to know when “The Animal” will go back to WWE. He gave an interesting answer when doing a short interview with Hey U Guys.

Batista does have a lot of new projects that he is doing, but he never used them as excuses to not come back. He said that he spoke to Chris Jericho who has a similar issue to him, and he mentioned that he was doing live events instead of television spots. Dave claimed that he may return to WWE to do something like that, as he feels it won’t lock him into anything for television, but he’ll still get to have the fun of wrestling. He then claimed that on top of this, he feels the writing on WWE programming isn’t that great right now.

People wonder why Batista would return to do live events. Contrary to popular belief, Dave loves pro-wrestling. The problem is that he wanted to treat it like a business for most of his WWE career and that seemed to come off on TV. On top of this, rumors started and they can break the net wide open. However, in his last years with WWE, he wanted to do it for the WWE fans. He proved this with selflessness at WrestleMania 30 to be the one to put over Daniel Bryan and against The Shield where he put over all of them numerous times. So, it could be interesting to see Batista back for live events if he ever does return to them.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]