Facebook Bully Forced To Prove Himself In Person, Turns Out He Isn’t So Tough, Footage Goes Viral [Video]

**Warning: Video contains explicit language that may be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.**

One Facebook bully reportedly has a lot to say when he’s hiding behind a computer. However, it turns out he isn’t so tough when he’s forced to verbalize his opinion in person. So, when he was confronted in a mall by guys he’s offended, he definitely didn’t know how to respond. Now, footage of the verbal confrontation has gone viral.

On Sunday, April 19, footage of an alleged Facebook bully being confronted was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop. The two-minute clip starts off with two guys preparing their “ambush” outside of a shoe store in a mall. After they spotted the Facebook bully, the two plotted their approach, and of course, turned on the camera to film his reaction. When the guy walks up to the Facebook bully, he immediately becomes nervous. The guy wasted no time confronting the Facebook bully about the offensive statements he makes online. Surprisingly, the alleged bully nervously denies all of the guy’s claims. Of course, the denial only angers the other guy who begins shouting expletives.

It doesn’t take long before the verbal confrontation escalates. The guy shoves the Facebook bully before security approaches him. However, the bully does absolutely nothing to defend himself. He only mumbles as he backs away from the angry guy. Then, to make matters worse, the guy returns to the store and forces the guy to ask them to turn the camera off. Surprisingly, the Facebook bully, who is clearly embarrassed at this point, simply complies with the request and tells them, “Bye.” The video has gone viral with more than one million views over the past three days.

The verbal confrontation was bad, but things could have definitely spiraled out of control rather quickly. There have been many previous cases where people have been injured and killed as a result of Facebook bullying. So, the video serves as yet another reminder of the dangers of cyber-bullying. Some things may be better left unsaid.

[Image via WSHH]