‘Jurassic World’: The Five Biggest Takeaways From The Trailer

The new Jurassic World trailer has been floating around the web for a couple of days now. That’s just enough time for us to take a real look at the video and see what kind of conclusions we can draw before Jurassic World officially hits the theaters in June.

Obviously, we knew Chris Pratt was going to be front and center since way back when Jurassic World was first announced. What we were less certain about was just how the makers of the film were going to hold our attention, considering the story of dinosaurs run amok have been done a number of times now.

Turns out, one of the biggest takeaways from the video is the apparent ability of Pratt’s character, Owen Grady being able to kind of tame Velociraptors. These creatures have played the villain in more than one installment, but in Jurassic World’s trailer, there is one scene where it appears Grady has managed to basically turn them into his own personal hunting dogs.

We also knew that Jurassic World was going to be featuring a brand new kind of genetically modified dino. The video divulges that not only is this creature smarter, but it kills for the fun of it. Obviously, that goes against the other dinosaurs in Jurassic World and is supposed to hint at this being more dangerous that your average giant killing machine.

While the original movies always limited the potential damage by only having a handful of people around when the dinos start their killing, Jurassic World features a fully functioning amusement park and there are said to be roughly 20,000 people on Isla Nubar when the genetically modified monster escapes. The other movies in the series have featured cameos or starring roles of actors from previous films, but Jurassic World will stand alone and introduce all new characters.

Finally, the biggest takeaway is that the people who made the genetically modified dinosaur decided it would be best to make it bigger than the T-Rex (the animal that caused the most havoc in the original.) so that more people would come to the park. It’s almost hard to believe that something went terribly wrong, isn’t it? The movie stars Pratt, as well as Vincent D’onofrio in what we can only assume is an Samuel L. Jackson kind of role as well as Bryce Dallas Howard in the lead female role. Jurassic World will finally hit theatres on June 12.

[Image via YouTube]