Nanny Cam Catches House Guest Allegedly Abusing Family Cat

A nanny cam set up by a Utah family allegedly revealed that their house guest and friend was beating their family cat named Shadow.

Local police described the attack on the animal a form of torture.

The Cloward family of Saratoga Springs, Utah, apparently decided to install the hidden nanny camera after Shadow began acting strangely, and they also racked up several hundred dollars in vet bills for the feline.

The surveillance footage showed the cat being manhandled, including being violently thrown and punched. After watching the animal abuse remotely, a furious Kaleb Cloward called his friend on the phone and demanded that he stop assaulting the family pet. Apparently, the man answered the phone as if nothing untoward or out of the ordinary was going on in the home, “then began shouting and searching for the camera when he realized he was being watched,” KSL explained.

The house guest — who had been staying with the Clowards for about six months — left the residence immediately, returning on Friday to pick up this belongings. He was arrested that same day on one count of felony animal cruelty and posted a $5,000 bond this past Sunday to obtain his release from Utah County Jail.

Multiple media outlets identify the suspect as Jordan Lindquist, 19.

According to the Saratoga Springs Police Department report, “The depravity and viciousness of the abuse to the complainant’s cat was extremely violent and was obviously causing severe suffering and pain to the animal, The domestic cat is a companion animal and it suffered torture at Jordan Lindquist’s hands by being viciously beaten,” Fox 13 Salt Lake City reported.

“Officers watching the video believed if the cat had been a baby, it would probably have been killed because of the viciousness and violence of the shaking and from the punches to the head it sustained,” the law enforcement report added.

Kaleb’s mom Colleen said, “He seemed liked such a nice young man but yet there’s something clearly wrong in his thought process.” Kaleb allowed that he would forgive his friend, but not forget. “You trust somebody so much, let them into your house, and how they repay you is your cat gets beat up, tortured,” he added.

Despite the ordeal of animal cruelty that was caught on nanny cam video, Shadow came through okay. Another cat in the home was apparently not abused.

[image via YouTube]