Lift Shaft Death: Mother Falls Into Lift Shaft And Dies After Being Pushed By Her 2-Year-Old Son [Report]

The mother of a two-year-old toddler lost her life following a shocking accident that reportedly involved her child. According to Mirror Online, Xie Hong Feng was reportedly looking for keys she’d misplaced when the unthinkable happened. Although the series of events that led to her death are unclear, local authorities believe she’d dropped her keys in a lift shaft while cleaning the building. While looking for the keys, her two-year-old son allegedly pushed her. Feng is said to have lost her balance and fell into the lift shaft.

She was reportedly found dead at the bottom of the shaft. During a recent interview, the building manager shared how he discovered her body. He explained how she’d lost the keys and was planning to go downstairs to get them. Unfortunately, that never happened.

“She was taking some rubbish out but on the way down dropped her keys and she wanted me to help her get them. I told her I would manually move the lift up one story while keeping the door open so she could try and get her keys, which she had dropped in the narrow space between the lift and the 5th floor. I then went to see if she had found them but only saw her two-year-old boy standing there. When I asked him where his mummy was he said he had pushed her. I looked over the edge and saw her body lying at the bottom of the shaft. I immediately grabbed him and phoned the police.”

Unfortunately, the surveillance footage did not pick up anything activity associated with the tragic accident. So, there’s actually no way to confirm whether the toddler’s claims are true or not. A spokesperson with the local police department also released a statement in reference to the disheartening accident.

“Unfortunately there is no surveillance footage on that floor apart from inside the lifts so we have no way of really knowing what happened. But if the boy says he pushed her then we will have to accept that, although we won’t be pressing charges as this was certainly an accident.”

It has also been reported that Feng’s husband is absolutely distraught over the shocking accident. Although he mourns the loss of his wife, he’s also worried about his young son. While the situation was indeed an accident, he fears the long-term effects her death will have on their son. “The saddest thing is not only is my wife now dead, but my son is facing the prospect of having to bear the guilt of her death for the rest of his life.”

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]