Ramona Singer Denies Stealing The Dress: ‘It Makes A Good Story At My Expense’

Ramona Singer may have denied that things were going sideways with Mario Singer during the previous reunion show for The Real Housewives of New York, but Singer is being more than honest these days about how heartbroken she is. Ramona, who has been struggling to make sense of her cheating husband, flipped out on Bethenny Frankel during the first few episodes without much merit to her arguments.

While viewers were confused about Ramona Singer’s behavior towards Frankel, it appears that there is much more to these two not getting along. Sure, they used to be friends when they filmed the show years ago, and Singer even visited Bethenny on her talk show. But something happened between them that could explain the tension.

According to a new Bravo report, Ramona Singer is now revealing that she did not steal a dress from Bethenny Frankel when she visited her talk show last year. When Ramona was on the show, she borrowed a dress from Frankel. Apparently, Singer left the show wearing the dress, and it mysteriously ended up on Instagram – worn by her alongside her daughter Avery.

“The dress was not a Herve Leger seven-figure dress. It was a Halston, a three-figure dress. It did not fall out of my car, but it was in my car that I share with Mario, and I didn’t know where it ended up ’til later (and on my body with Avery in an Instagram shot and cover photo on iPhone. Must say I love that dress),” Ramona Singer explains in her defense.

It sounds like the accusation that she stole the garment is completely false. Of course, Bethenny may only know one side of the story, as she simply saw her clothes disappear. And while Ramona isn’t taking it too personally, Ramona does feel that the story was brought up to mock her.

“I didn’t take the dress, and I never put the dress on, but it was graciously given to me by one of the line producers at the end of co-hosting a segment with Bethenny. When I found out Bethenny needed it back for filming on her already-cancelled talk show, I called up Saks to replace it. Unfortunately they only had a size 10 in stock, and B needed a size 0. Oh well, it makes a good story though, doesn’t it?! Even if it’s at my expense….” Ramona Singer adds.

At present time, Ramona needs all of the support she can get. According to the Inquisitr, Singer’s divorce is getting costly, so she recently put her Hamptons home on the market.

What do you think of Ramona Singer being accused of stealing?

[Image via Bravo]