Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Split: Emma ‘Ended Things’ For Good Since Andrew’s In A ‘Dark Place’

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have officially split for good this time. Reps for both actors have confirmed that the couple has decided to break up after three years of dating.

Alleged sources close to Stone and Garfield say that although the split was amicable, there seems to be conflicting information as to what really happened in their relationship. It was previously reported by The Hollywood Gossip that Stone and Garfield broke up because of their busy and hectic schedules.

Now, more insiders are coming forward and saying that Andrew is to blame for the breakup. His method acting in the upcoming Martin Scorses film, Silence, has caused him to neglect Stone. The insider also hinted that Garfield’s role has spiraled him into a deep depression, which has made it hard on his now ex-girlfriend.

“He’s been in a dark place for months getting into his role. He wasn’t being the best partner.”

Andrew has been seen looking a little unkempt lately since taking on the role. He’s been seen with slicked back hair and a bushy beard. Andrew also looked a little worse for wear in recent paparazzi photos. He appears skinnier than ever, as he reportedly lost 40 pounds for the role.

Meanwhile, OK! Magazine is reporting that the actor reportedly cheated on Stone with a one-night stand. The tabloid insists that Garfield’s cheating ways is the real reason why the couple split. The magazine didn’t provide any more information about his alleged cheating, but this story will be closely followed.

It was another tabloid that first broke the news about Emma and Andrew’s relationship status. Us Weekly said that the Birdman actress “ended things and moved back to L.A.” That’s when fans knew for months that Emma and Andrew’s relationship was over for good. The source revealed to the magazine, “It’s finished. It’s not just a break.”

It was reportedly earlier this month that the couple was currently on a break. Stone and Garfield wanted to focus on different things in their lives, according to a previous report on the Inquisitr. Sources close to the couple wouldn’t reveal when they would get back together, but it looks like it’s not happening anytime soon. Fans are still holding out hope that Stone and Garfield will kiss and make up one day when they’re not so busy working.

What are your thoughts on Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s split? Were they one of your favorite Hollywood couples?

[Image: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]