Lindsay Lohan Calls Instagram Followers ‘Donkeys’ With Mistranslated Arabic Quote

Lindsay Lohan may want to think about signing up for Arabic classes.

The 28 year-old actress shared an Arabic quote via her Instagram on Monday that was supposed to mean “you’re beautiful.” The Arabic text actually translates to “you’re a donkey,” The Daily Mail reports.

Lohan posted the photo to Instagram without a caption but when she tweeted the link she added the word Habibi which is Arabic term of endearment which roughly translates to “Beloved.”

Lohan quickly deleted the post but not before some of her followers took screenshots and ran the text through Google Translate.

Hey, at least she didn’t get it tattooed onto a body part. As The Daily Beast points out, she isn’t the first celebrity to be confounded by unfortunate foreign language translations. David Beckham once tried to create a loving tribute to his wife by tattooing the Sanskrit translation of her name on his arm. Unfortunately, the tattoo ended up being “Vihctoria” instead of Victoria. Rihanna has also been a victim of Sanskrit mistranslations. The Bajan bombshell wanted “forgiveness” on her side but instead got some beautiful meaningless mumbo jumbo.

Lindsay’s lack of proficiency with Arabic has landed her into trouble before.

In January, she uploaded a picture mourning the passing of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah. She captioned the photo with “Inshallah” which means ‘God-willing” and “Walahi” which means “I promise by God.”

Not exactly the type of thing you’d want to say when mourning someone’s death.

Apart from the Arabic language slip ups, Lohan has previously been called out for social media blunders.

A couple of months ago, Lohan was roundly criticized for posting a photo wearing a waist trainer and sporting suspiciously slim thighs.

Lindsay Lohan caught some heat for this pic. Some say it looks digitally altered.

‘I assure you Lindsay has not tampered with the photo. Nothing more than a filter or use of the upload program (as stated on the image in question) used to upload her candid,’ her rep told E! News.

Lindsay Lohan Instagram Post
Does her right leg look Photoshopped?

She also caught some heat for posting an ad (pictured above) where the width of her right thigh looked digitally altered. She also shared this photo in January which many believe had gone through a Photoshop makeover.

Apparently undeterred by her embarrassing gaffe,the Mean Girls star continues to share her love for foreign languages via social media.

Un amore eterno #nonno#nonna @dinalohan c’est très jolie #JohnLSullivan #AnnValerio

A photo posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on r 20, 2015 at 12:32pm PDT

Soon after the unfortunate Arabic post, US Weekly reports that Lohan shared a beautiful photo of her grandparents. with a caption in Italian and in French.

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