YouTube Gets Interactive With Omnisio

YouTube is looking to get more interactive with the newly announced acquisition of Omnisio.

Omnisio -- a Silicon Valley startup that just publicly launched this past March -- focuses on bringing Web 2.0-type concepts to the world of online video. It offers integrated options for sharing, adding comments directly within the video box, and even some basic producer power in its custom show-making feature. Other Omnisio innovations include syncing online video up with offline slides for a multi-platform, multimedia presentation and tagging people or highlighted points within any video you post.

Most functions and accounts have now been disabled on the Omnisio site, with a notice popping up asking you to visit YouTube for all services. Omnisio does say its current database of videos has been integrated there. The posting by Omnisio's founders indicates they'll be joining the Google/YouTube team post-merger, though it doesn't specify in what kinds of roles.