Health Insurance Costs More, Covers Less, Survey Says, and Decline Predated ‘Obamacare’

Critics of President Barack Obama like to blame the Commander in Chief for continually skyrocketing gas prices and out of control healthcare costs they blame on his reforms to the insurance system, but like with the cost of fuel, rising health insurance prices are a problem that preceded the Obama administration.

A recent survey reveals that Americans are finding that their health insurance covers far fewer bits of essential care- and that their employers oftentimes pick up fewer of the expenses they’ve grown accustomed to seeing covered under health insurance plans. According to the survey- detailed in the Huffington Post- employers are viewing the new healthcare exchanges as providing flexibility to new hires and existing employees:

“For companies, this opens up new possibilities. ‘The options, which range from continuing to discontinuing health plan sponsorship, include offering an employer-sponsored plan to only a portion of the population and providing employees with a defined contribution for use in the exchanges,’ the report says.”

Nearly half of the employers surveyed- 45%- said they would be likely or very likely to encourage staff to look at health insurance exchanges. And scarily, only 3% voiced a commitment to assisting workers in securing health insurance in the wake of rising costs. But while it may be tempted to blame reforms for “driving up” the cost of health insurance, the spikes have been a long time coming- and the health care reform initiative was an attempt to help Americans access services. HuffPo explains:

“The decline in the availability of health insurance at work predates Obama’s health law. From 1999 to 2011, the share of firms that offer coverage declined from 66 percent to 60 percent, according to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation… Fewer than one-fourth of companies said they were “very confident” they would still provide health benefits in 10 years.”

It seems if anything, health insurance is set to become harder to obtain for many Americans despite the Obama administration’s best efforts to stave off the crisis. Have you lost your health insurance or gone uncovered in recent years?