Violent Mob Of Memphis Teen Girls Caught On Video Brawling At High School

Eight Memphis high school students were suspended from school and issued summonses to appear in juvenile court after a violent mob assault took place at school, WHBQ (Memphis) is reporting.

No one was seriously injured in the brawl, which was captured on cell phone video and posted to social media.

School officials believe the mob brawl was related to an off-campus dispute that made its way to the halls of White Station High School.

A mother of a student involved in the brawl, who declined to be identified, tells WMC (Memphis) that some of the girls involved in the brawl had targeted her daughter on social media before.

“They posted on Facebook this morning that they were going to get her.”

The mother of the ninth-grade girl – who is seen in the video getting her head pounded onto a cafeteria table – is also upset at the school’s apparent lack of interest in her daughter being targeted for violence.

“She went to the principal and told her and she still didn’t do anything about it. I’m actually more mad at the school because I have been going to administrators for a month. Well we’re going to get a statement.”

The mother blames the school for washing their hands of the brawl and handing the matter over to police instead of dealing with the underlying problems that led to the brawl.

“They just pushed the problem onto police and then kicked them out of school.”

Another parent, John Tashie, says he doesn’t want to send his children to a school where they can’t be safe.

“I don’t want to have to not be able to go there and not feel that my children are safe and most of all that they’re learning something because how can they learn in the midst of a mob rule.”

School officials, for their part, seem more concerned with blaming the media for covering the brawl than for the brawl itself.

“We would like you to know that we are fully aware of the situation and have disciplined all of the students involved. We are disappointed that the media feels that this is newsworthy.”

Memphis is currently struggling with a severe teen violence problem. Several mob attacks involving violent teens have made national headlines; most recently, a group of violent Memphis teens assaulted a man at a gas station, according to this Inquisitr report in another mob attack that was captured on video.

As of this post, none of the Memphis teens involved in the mob brawl at White Station High School have been charged with any crimes.

[Image courtesy of: Shutterstock/Shi Yali]