Derek Hough Injured: How Injury Affects ‘Dancing With The Stars’ And His Broadway Show

Derek Hough was injured Monday night while rehearsing for the 10th anniversary special of Dancing With the Stars, and he ended up in the emergency room, according to International Business Times. His injury affects not only the popular dance competition show, but it also has an impact on Derek’s Radio City Music Hall performance. Derek is the male lead in the New York Spring Spectacular alongside the Rockettes.

Derek’s injury is so unfortunate at this particular time because the five-time champion really wanted to appear on the special that he was rehearsing for. The Dancing With the Stars special was taped for ABC’s one-hour special on Tuesday. So, Derek didn’t have enough time to heal before the taping.

Hough had looked forward to reuniting with former partners, such as Maria Menounos and Amy Purdy. Instead, Derek will have to watch the anniversary special from the sidelines like a lot of Dancing With the Stars fans who have loved and followed the show for the last 10 years. The show airs on ABC on Tuesday, April 28.

The 29-year-old may or may not be healed enough to complete on next Monday’s regular show. The network has not made any comments about who will dance with gymnast Nastia Luckin next week, or for the remainder of the season, if Hough doesn’t heal in time.

A replacement has already been selected to fill in for Derek in the New York Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. The Rockettes confirmed that Taylor Frey will assume Hough’s role as Jack until further notice. Derek encouraged fans to see the “incredible and amazing” show even in his absence.


E! Online reported that Hough’s injury couldn’t have come at a worst time for him because one of the reasons he wanted to return for Season 20 was to be part of the anniversary special.

Derek was practicing a routine with his former partner Maria Menounos for the anniversary special when he hurt his foot after he smashed it on a piece of equipment. He injured himself further when he fell down the stairs going to get ice to put on his foot. An MRI scheduled for Wednesday will show how serious Derek’s injury is. It is believed that he might have broken a toe, sprained an ankle, and have possible ligament damage.

Derek Hough’s fans are wishing him well and hoping he will return to the dance floor soon.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]