Don The Dog ‘Drives’ Farmer’s Tractor Onto Busy Motorway: Police Are Following Leads

A sheepdog called Don is making headlines in the U.K. after “hijacking” its owner’s tractor and causing traffic chaos on a busy motorway.

A wise looking sheepdog sitting loyally by his owner’s side is a common sight in any John Deere or Massey Ferguson tractor, but it’s never been known for a farmer’s dog to take control of of the steering wheel before – until now.

BBC News has reported that a bizarre incident reported on Twitter by Traffic Scotland involved Don the sheepdog leaning on the controls of his owner, farmer Tom Hamilton’s tractor, and “driving” it onto a busy stretch of motorway.

In case anyone thought it was some sort of wind-up, the transport body tweeted it was “not joking” and that Don the dog had crashed the tractor into the central reservation, smashing the windscreen.

Thankfully, no-one was hurt, including Don.

“M74 (N) at J13 – Route is clear from earlier incident and dog is fine. Has to be the weirdest thing we have ever reported! No delays in area.”

Mr. Hamilton believes the incident happened when he stopped the tractor to examine a lamb and failed to secure the handbrake properly. Thus, when Don leaned against the controls, both dog and tractor went hurtling down the embankment and into the central barrier.

Mr. Hamilton has expressed his relief that no drivers were hurt, and Don the dog escaped with little more than a fright.

Needless to say, Don’s adventures caused quite a stir on social media.

Michelle Muirhead asked, “Will the dog have points on his licence? Was he breathalyzed? Did police arrest him?”

Others cried, “This is barking.” And yet another pondered, “Have I ‘herd’ this right?”

[Images Via BBC News]