Catcaller Harasses Women While Being Interviewed About Why Catcalling Is Wrong [Video]

A catcaller put himself in an awkward position in front of thousands of people this week when he failed to realize he was being interviewed for a news report about why men shouldn’t catcall women.

According to Salon, Buzz06’s Patrick Jones went out into the streets to interview New Yorkers about catcallers and to ask people how they feel about it. Jones started off by showing some signs an apparel company posted that discourage catcallers on the streets of the city, then interviewed a few pedestrians who condemned the act.

But then the video takes an unexpected turn. Patrick Jones then interviews a man who completely misunderstood the purpose of the report and proudly declared himself a catcaller. The catcaller even proceeded to whistle and shout at women in front of the camera.

The catcaller demonstrated the clicking and whistle sounds he makes with his mouth to get the attention of the women. Jones maintained his composure throughout the interview and carefully used the obliviousness of the catcaller to prove his point.

“How would you call a dog?” Jones asked the catcaller.

“Same way,” the catcaller responded.

The catcaller went deeper into the discussion, still unaware of the tone of the report, and started actively looking for women he was “attracted to” so he could catcall them. Jones asked how he thought catcalls make women feel and the catcaller insisted it makes them feel good.

Despite claiming it’s a compliment, the catcaller admitted a strategy to making catcalls from a distance to make sure the women aren’t as afraid of him.

“Even if it’s far away, it’s even better because [the women] aren’t that scared.”

In the middle of the interview it dawned on the catcaller what the report was really about.

“Wait a second. Are you reporting is that girls don’t like this?” he asked.

“They don’t like catcalling,” Jones responded.

“Get the f*** out of here,” said the catcaller. “We’re just acknowledging that you did a good thing today getting up out of bed.”

Even after realizing the report was about the negatives of street harassment, the catcaller went on to shout at another woman walking by, saying, “Yo! Sweetheart.”

In response, Patrick Jones ended the catcaller report with the quip, “Another day ruined.”

According to the Huffington Post, studies have shown that roughly 99 percent of women claim to have been harassed by a catcaller in their lifetime. Have you been bothered by a catcaller? How would you a handle a catcaller on the street?

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