What Happened To Tori Walters?

Authorities in Dubuque, Iowa are looking for 19-year-old Tori A. Walters. The missing woman hasn’t been in contact with her loved ones in at least four days — and that’s not even the most suspicious detail in this case. ABC News 9 reports that the 19-year-old woman “seemed distraught” the last time she talked to her sister, which was around April 17th. She was reported missing on Monday, and as of late Tuesday night she still has not been found.

TH Online reports that the missing woman may be endangered. The Iowa Department of Public Safety is assisting in the search for Tori, but there are very few details on which to investigate. What is known in her disappearance is that she left voluntarily around April 2nd, when she drove a group of three or four men to Chicago. She stayed in Chicago, but around April 16th she called her sister to ask for money so that she could get back home to Iowa. Her mother sent her the money under the idea that she would be coming home that very next day (the two cities are only about three hours apart).

Tori Walters may be driving a gray 2005 Chevy Equinox with Iowa license plates — though the plate number has not yet been released to the media. She is reportedly white, standing at 5’1″ and around 120 lbs., with red hair and hazel eyes — though the only photo being shared with the media doesn’t show the color of her hair very well. Her public Facebook profile shows a variety of other photos. However, some of the photos show that her hair color can and has changed. Her shade of red is also apparently a very bright and unnatural shade.

As far as social media is going, there doesn’t appear to be much focus on this 19-year-old Iowa woman’s disappearance. Searches for her name have only returned news reports and her own personal social media profiles — which offer a window into the lifestyle she lived. This missing woman’s case is very thin on details. Meanwhile, authorities are doing their best to locate her.

If you know anything about Tori Walters’s disappearance, do not hesitate to contact the authorities in Dubuque at (563) 389-4411. Any information may prove useful in the search for this missing woman.

[Photo: Facebook (Tori Walters personal profile)]