Watch This Painfully Awkward Moment When A Political Candidate Forgets Her Party’s Policies [Video]

The worst thing a political candidate can do is humiliate themselves on public television with an awkward moment or a gaffe that makes their party look bad. This is unfortunately exactly what happened to Ruth Cadbury, a Labour parliamentary candidate looking to fill the seat of Brentford and Isleworth, a constituency in the United Kingdom’s House of Commons. In the video above you can watch Ruth’s devastatingly awkward moment while being interviewed by a local website called the Chiswick Calendar. After she was asked what the key policies of the Labour party are, Cadbury couldn’t remember a single one.

According to the Independent, Cadbury’s awkward moment is best explained as a momentary “brain fade,” or what some people describe as “blanking” on information they should otherwise readily know. The awkward moment is made worse by the candidate’s embarrassed mumbling and efforts to hide her face.

“Um… I can’t remember my key… I do need to check… I’m reading them every day… er… sorry… Labour’s key policies…” Ruth Cadbury said as she racked her brain.

The Chiswick Calendar interviewer did little to help her along during the awkward moment and noted, “If you have to check them, that’s not great.”

According to the Telegraph, the website that interviewed Cadbury and filmed the awkward moment later revealed that the candidate did a fine job explaining the Labour party’s key policies when talking to potential voters. They claimed she “answered questions on housing, tax, the NHS and Heathrow expansion” competently. But when it came to the one-on-one interview, Ruth Cadbury was caught completely off guard by a remarkably easy question, and thus the awkward moment was born.

It’s especially unfortunate that Cadbury’s awkward moment came about during such a friendly interaction wherein the interviewer was clearly on her side. As Hillary Clinton will admit, not everyone plays nice in political races, including media outlets.

Ruth Cadbury

By the end of the interview, Ruth Cadbury managed to gather herself and struggling through some straight answers about Labour policies, though the awkward moment never fully passed.

“The absolutely core policy is to balance the books,” the candidate managed to say. “We have to support the NHS. We have to ensure that our schools and our young people are supported and all young people can get a job and employment.”

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[Images courtesy of Chiswick]