‘Star Trek Online’ Live With New Update For Season 10, ‘The Iconian War’

Star Trek Online‘s tenth season is now live for all players to enjoy. The update, entitled “The Iconian War,” added plenty of new features, made some changes, and fixed a few issues. The expansion is free to all users and wraps up a storyline that has been prevalent in the game for the last five years.

Developer Cryptic Studios and publisher Perfect World Entertainment announced the update’s release on the official Star Trek Online website. “The Iconian War” lets players complete two new episodes that kick off Season 10 and features voice overs from Star Trek: Voyager actors Duncan McNeil and Lisa LiCicero. There are even three new cross-faction PvE queues to complete on Normal, Advanced, and Elite difficulties.

“You will be engaging the Iconians in three queues. The first two represent two fronts of the same battle for Qo’noS, where you will face the fearsome Iconian Heralds in space and ground combat. In the third queue, you will assault a Herald Sphere, a gateway control hub for Herald ships, and attempt to prevent the invasion of other worlds in our galaxy.”

Star Trek Online - Season 10

Additionally, this Star Trek Online update revamps sector space bringing it down from nearly 20 zones to just three. Players will navigate space a little easier now with fewer map transitions, fewer load screens, and better ship handling within sector space. Duty officers missions are still available, and transwarps will still put players directly in the area for zone-specific duty officers’ missions.

Of course, there is more to the update than new story missions and a sector space revamp. The full list of patch notes are the place to visit for information on everything the update has to offer. Highlights include details on how Captains can earn Iconian Resistance reputation, information on Captains’ pilot specialization tree, and specifics on the pilot specialization for Bridge Officers.

As with any major MMO update, it is a possibility for players to encounter issues with the latest Star Trek Online update. Luckily, a handy master listing of known issues and support has been posted on the game’s official forums. Players can check there first to see if there is a solution to specific problems.

Another game developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World, Neverwinter, also recently updated with a free expansion. As reported on the Inquisitr, the level cap increased, a new class is now playable, and there is new loot to be found with the release of “Elemental Evil.”

Will you be aiding in Star Trek Online‘s Iconian War?

[Images via Arc Games]