‘Friends’ Reunion: Jennifer Aniston Treats Courteney Cox Like A Barbie Doll And Other Aniston Hair Secrets

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox’s Friends-ship is still going strong!

Jennifer Aniston had a great time posing with her former co-star during a Los Angeles screening of Just Before I Go, Courteney Cox’s directorial debut. Us Weekly shared a few photos of the gals goofing off on the red carpet, which you can check out below. Aniston dressed in black and Courteney rocked red, so the friends looked pretty great together. However, Jennifer Aniston’s fans might wonder what’s up with Jen’s ’80s style aviator glasses (maybe she’s trying to up her “specs” appeal?).

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox get goofy on the red carpet
Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox share a laugh
Jennifer Aniston messes with Court's tresses

In the photo above, it looks like Jennifer Aniston is playing hairstylist by messing with Courteney Cox’s raven-colored locks. As it turns out, Jen is still in touch with her inner middle-schooler — she loves to toy with her friend’s tresses.

Jennifer is the co-owner of the Living Proof haircare line, so she always gets free samples of the company’s new products before they launch. However, she doesn’t always test them on herself. During an interview with PEOPLE, Jen revealed that she likes to use Courteney Cox and yoga instructor Mandy Ingber as her own personal lab rat Barbies.

“They allow me to sort of use their hair, they’re like Barbie dolls,” Aniston said. “Courteney has gorgeous hair, and Mandy’s is really curly so she loves the No Frizz line.”

Jennifer Aniston also told PEOPLE which Living Proof product she really enjoys using on her own hair. According to the actress, she uses The Night Cap Perfector cream before she goes to bed so that she can wake up with shiny, vibrant hair.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jennifer doesn’t just use her own product line on her much-coveted locks — one of her favorite haircare “products” is actually free.

“A little sweat in the hair is nice,” Aniston told Fashionista. “It’s like a little product. You just blow it out with your fingers and it’s actually just fun.”

During an interview with Redbook, Jen shared another surprising beauty secret about what she does to make her hair look its best, and it involves her lips. But don’t worry — she’s not using mom’s old secret of using spit to style her hair. According to Aniston, she simply avoids red lip colors because they don’t look right with her sandy, highlighted hair color.

“Super-bleached blondes—like Gwen Stefani—can get away with it, but it’s tough to pull off with my color.”

If you were Courteney Cox, would you let Jennifer Aniston test her products on your hair?

[Image credits: Angela Weiss/Getty]