Warren Sapp Video: Watch Him Call On God And Jesus When He Learns He’s Being Arrested [Video]

The part that has made the video titled “Warren Sapp — Video Of Hooker Arrest” go viral on the TMZ Sports YouTube channel — a video that has gained more than 23,500 views right now — is the way that Warren starts reacting and calling on God and Jesus after he realizes he’s being arrested. Sapp can’t believe the police are taking the women’s version of events over his, and he begins rolling around the room in his chair, lifting up his shirt to expose his ample belly, and continually trying to let it sink in that he’s being arrested.

A companion video of Sapp relaying his version of events that night with the women has garnered more than 34,500 views on YouTube, with TMZ Sports detailing Sapp’s arrest on February 2 for prostitution solicitation in Arizona. If Sapp is convicted of assault and the solicitation charge for picking up the women he met in the hotel bar during Super Bowl weekend, he could go to jail for six months, reports TMZ.

Sapp claims he took photos and video of the women because he was being silly, and said things turned ugly when one woman spoke of the tip, and then spit on Warren when he refused — and Sapp alleges that the spiting woman’s actions angered the other woman, and the two women began to argue.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Greg Anthony — a married man — was also arrested in a prostitution sting.

[Image via Sapp video]