One Direction’s 14-Day Deadline To Sign-Up Or Break-Up The Band: 2016 Tour

Sadly, it turns out that the fate of One Direction could be decided by the first of May. Along with that, One Direction’s focus is on an upcoming tour date, with many more to come — despite speculation from people like Morgan Spurlock that Harry Styles is going to be the next to quit One Direction.

But are these rumors unfounded? As it appears, Harry Styles may not ditch One Direction — but the band will need to decide soon if they will stay together for a 2016 world tour.

As far as Harry Styles quitting One Direction, Simon Cowell is not the only one with a One Direction Magic 8 Ball. Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock recently spoke with TMZ, and he has insight on topics of this nature since he produced One Direction: This Is Us.

Because he spent so much intimate time with One Direction during the filmmaking, Spurlock felt inclined to predict that Harry Styles will leave One Direction next. Spurlock states the following in a video interview.

“Obviously they already have [survived]. I think they’ll stay together for a little while, for a little bit longer and then at some point Harry will leave.”

Despite this, no need to worry about One Direction breaking up any time soon — they still have a contract for a tour in 2015.

What is iffy is what will happen in 2016. Although it flew under the media radar, on April 18, One Direction was basically given the decision to tour next year or break up for good.

The Mirror U.K. reported that insiders told them that the guys were being offered millions to another world tour in 2016. Likely, they will take the money — with all four remaining members of One Direction on board till the end of 2016.

If they take the money and sign a contract for a 2016 tour, this is a promising sign that there will be an end to rumors that other members of One Direction will be leaving. Nevertheless, as fans learned from Zayn Malik, contracts (and hearts of One Direction fans) can be broken.

The Daily Star U.K. states that insiders tell them that One Direction only has two weeks to make their decision. This means fans will have a clear answer about the future of One Direction around May 1 to 5 — if this insider is correct.

Whether or not they sign up for the 2016 World Tour contract, One Direction will definitely be playing all of their shows left in 2015. The One Direction World Tour will officially end on October 31 and their fifth album will be released for Christmas. While they are on break currently, they will resume the#OnTheRoadAgain2015 tour on June 5 in Cardiff, England.

To build excitement for the Cardiff event, less than two months away, One Direction teased fans on Twitter on April 20. The tweet included a video of Niall Horan and gave fans a chance to guess who One Direction would have as guests in Cardiff.

However, they were quick to reveal on Twitter later that day that the band re-joining One Direction will be favorites McBusted.

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