Jim Ross On Daniel Bryan: ‘His Health Is More Important Than Being The Best Wrestler In The World’

One of the biggest WWE news stories over the past couple of weeks has been the health of WWE Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan. Last week, it was reported that WWE was sending Daniel Bryan home as a “precautionary measure,” then it was later reported that Bryan was suffering from a concussion, which was subsequently denied by WWE. The only official statement WWE has made about Daniel Bryan’s health is that he’s “banged up.”

It was announced by Michael Cole on last night’s RAW that Bryan is questionable for this Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view, where he’s scheduled to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Bad News Barrett. Furthermore, the WWE website has given an update on Daniel Bryan’s status for Sunday, saying that Bryan is undergoing further tests to ensure that he’s able to compete this Sunday.

“Daniel Bryan rose above six other Superstars to capture his first Intercontinental Championship in a Ladder Match at WrestleMania. However, if the ever-popular ‘Yes!’ Man hopes to hold onto the title, he’ll have to get past the Superstar who lost the championship that day, Bad News Barrett, at Extreme Rules. Bryan is undergoing diagnostic testing to see if he can defend his title at Extreme Rules

WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross gave his thoughts on the Daniel Bryan situation in his latest blog post, saying that Bryan needs to change his style when he returns to action, because being healthy is more important than being the best wrestler in the world. Ross also noted that Bryan shouldn’t be a prisoner to his own reputation, and do what’s best for his long-term health.

“Hopeful that Daniel Bryan is going to be OK soon, but he has to change some of the things that he does whether he wants to or not, and not be a prisoner to his own reputation as being one of the best wrestlers in the world. He could eliminate many things from his repertoire and still be one of the best talents in the business. His health is much more important than diving head butts, drop kicks where he strikes the back of his head on the canvas, etc. His most important job in life isn’t being a wrestler but a son, husband and perhaps some day a father.”

Ross’ thoughts are echoed by WWE management, as they’ve wanted Bryan to change his in-ring style since he returned to the ring back in January. So far, he hasn’t, and he’s gotten some heat backstage as a result. Now, it appears that he’s finally feeling the effects of his pride, and he’s going to have to decide whether or not he’s willing to sacrifice being the best wrestler in the world to ensure his long-term health.

[Image via WWE]