Mothers Report They Want These 5 Things For Mother’s Day

What do moms really want for Mother’s Day? It’s the age old question. Everyone wants to get the woman who has done so much for them an awesome Mother’s Day gift. After all, as shown on this adorable video posted previously on Inquisitr, moms put up with a lot!

Giving a great gift always seems to be easier said than done. However, it’s often simpler than most people think. Rather than overcomplicating the gift-giving process this year, consider the results of a survey performed this year by Tellwut.

The survey recorded the wishes of nearly 2,000 moms across America. Although nearly 50 percent of voters didn’t specify what they wanted, the remaining 50 percent offered some helpful feedback. Here’s what they said.

Flowers and Card

Of those that voted on a mother’s day gift, 52 percent said they would love flowers or plants for Mother’s Day and 20 percent said they would like a card. Other surveys have also shown that 50 percent of moms would like flowers, but that only 10 percent want a card, so the card alone isn’t the ideal gift. Still, this goes to show that moms aren’t as materialistic as we might have thought.


The survey also shows that about 30 percent of moms want food or candy. Furthermore, 50 percent of moms want a brunch or dinner date with their children. As it turns out, they just want to spend some time with their kids for mother’s day! If your mom is a foodie, book a reservation at Olive Garden or another favorite restaurant, and take her out for a special Mother’s Day date.


About 25 percent of moms prefer clothing or related apparel items for mother’s day. If you know your mom’s size and tastes, a pair of Marc Jacobs heels is in your future. If not, better stick with the flowers or lunch idea. You don’t want to offend her by getting her something too big!


About 10 percent of voters stated that they would prefer something other than food, flowers, and clothing. Most specified that they would love something unique and truly thoughtful, such as a handmade gift or a day of service. One mom even said that she wanted something that could make her husband stop snoring! If that’s the case for your mom, you probably want to get her this unique little gadget from Good Morning Snore Solution. A thoughtful gift can go a long way in showing your appreciation.

A Phone Call

Several of the mothers who did not vote called the survey materialistic and said that the only thing they really want for Mother’s Day is a phone call or other small gesture that doesn’t cost any money, but shows love in a more profound way.

[Image via L’Affaire]