WWE News: Huge Triple Threat Match For The WWE Title At Payback, Impact On Roman Reigns

At Extreme Rules this Sunday, Seth Rollins, the WWE champion, will take on Randy Orton in a steel cage for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. The big stipulation in place is that Orton’s “RKO” is banned from the match. On top of that, Rollins’ finisher, the “Curb Stomp,” isn’t going to be used by the WWE champion anymore.

More than likely, Rollins will take care of Orton and defend his WWE World Heavyweight championship successfully. They will have to wrestle before anything is official, but there is no reason Rollins will lose his first defense. Seth Rollins should have the WWE title for a long time.

After Extreme Rules is the Payback pay-per-view. It’s early to think of the match card for Payback, but WWE is already promoting it. According to WrestleZone, the WWE is teasing a huge match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Payback.

“A new video promo has been released for the 2015 WWE Payback PPV, and during the video it’s teased that Seth Rollins will defend his WWE World Title against Randy Orton and Roman Reigns at this year’s PPV.”

For those that want to see the video, it is visible below.

All three men should be available for Payback. Roman Reigns will be done feuding with the Big Show by Payback. In fact, the program will be over after Extreme Rules. Reigns should come out of Chicago, Illinois, victorious with more momentum than before. WWE is hopeful that Reigns will gain a bigger following once he takes out the Big Show. The man gets “please retire” chants every night, so there’s no way he gets cheered over Reigns.

Randy Orton is hot at the moment, so WWE will cash-in on his momentum towards Extreme Rules. It was solidified last night after Orton’s fantastic appearance on WWE RAW. The way WWE officials wrote RAW last night proved that they haven’t lost touch. His backstage RKOs reminded many of Shawn Michaels hitting the “Sweet Chin Music” on random opponents several years ago.

Orton is also getting exceptionally talented on the microphone. This gimmick is fitting him, rather than the one he used against Christian a few years ago. As for Seth Rollins, the WWE champion continues to get major heat every night. Whatever he is doing, it’s working. So, there’s no chance he will drop the WWE title to Randy Orton on Sunday. Furthermore, a triple threat match with Roman Reigns and Orton at Payback is “best for business.”

[Image via fanpop.com]