Marla McCants: Former 800-Pound Woman Loses 200 Pounds, Stands For First Time In Years [Video]

Meaghan Ellis

Marla McCants was an emotional eater whose life spiraled out of control following a horrific domestic violence incident. According to the EurWeb, McCants was kidnapped and held hostage by an unnamed ex-boyfriend. For years, she lived in fear, thinking that he would return to carry out his threat to kill her.

So, she succumbed to a reclusive lifestyle, refusing to leave her home out of fear that he'd find her. The 43-year-old Tennessee woman reportedly turned to food for comfort and quickly became a "junk food junkie." Although her ex-boyfriend was eventually caught by local authorities, unfortunately, the damage to her health had already been done. She was reportedly 700 pounds by the time he was arrested.

The debilitating weight gain has left her bedridden and totally dependent on her three daughters. It has also been reported that she has developed a number of medical complications such as arthritis, diabetes, and gout. Due to her lack of mobility, her legs would no longer support her weight. She was forced to do everything from the confines of her bed. During her segment on the TLC documentary My 600-Pound Life, she was filmed sitting in bed frying chicken and eating an overwhelming amount of junk food on a daily basis.

McCants 2

As her condition grew worse, she decided it was time to make a change. She began to fear for her life, constantly thinking her daughters would one day find her dead. So, she and her daughters relocated to Houston, Texas, so she could be treated by weight loss specialist Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. However, their trip from Nashville to Houston took a devastating turn when a blood clot in her leg dislodged and traveled to one of her lungs. The ordeal left McCants fighting for her life. Dr. Nowzaradan stated that McCants' condition is the worst he's ever seen, reports Daily Mail.

"She is in the worst condition health wise that I have ever seen... I am not [as] worried about weight loss surgery as [I am about] making sure she will survive the next 24 hours... This is [a] very dangerous situation. She is at the end of her life if we can't do anything."

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