Ferguson Police Standoff: Armed Suspect Barricaded Inside Home

Ferguson police are involved in a standoff with an armed suspect after the unidentified man allegedly shot his own brother. Both Ferguson police officers and St. Louis County law enforcement officers are now on the scene and positioned outside a duplex in the city.

The Ferguson shooting victim has been transported to a St. Louis area hospital and is in stable condition, according to breaking news reports. Tactical teams have converged upon the neighborhood and are cautiously taking position around the residence. Some Ferguson standoff breaking news reports claim protesters showed up on the shooting scene after word spread about the incident, but none are visible on the live streaming coverage of the standoff.

Ferguson Middle and January-Wabash Elementary schools have also reportedly been placed on lockdown due to their nearness to the police standoff with an armed suspect. Breaking news reports also indicate that the St. Louis County SWAT team is also dealing with a “person barricaded” in a St. John home near the intersection of Brown Road and Midland Street.